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Final Fantasy VIII Chorus
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Welcome! This is a lyrical icontest for Final Fantasy VIII. Every week, a mod will post a song, with lyrics, and anyone who wants to can use those lyrics to make an icon, and enter it into the contest. Weekly voting will determine first, second, and third place winners, and when there are enough icons, there will also be a mod's choice award. Suggestions for songs to use, or any other suggestions or questions, are always welcome. Just comment on a recent post.

Oh, and before I forget: Only mods and banner makers need and will get posting access.

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1. Each member may submit two icons per theme, unless stated otherwise in the theme post.
2. All icons must contain a character from Final Fantasy VIII
3. Submitted icons must be compatible with Livejournal. [100x100 and 40kb]
4. Don't advertise your icon. That means telling your friends to vote for your icon or posting it anywhere before the contest is over.
5. Do not steal others' icons and claim them as your own. This will result in immediate banning.
6. No meanness! That means, do not make fun of people/their icons, and if you lose...oh well. It's just an icontest.
7. Submitted icons have to be new (as in, made for this contest).
8. You may not vote for your own icon. Yes, I can tell if you do.
9. Icons you submit must be hosted by you. If you can't give a URL, you can't submit.
10. If you submit an icon with fanart, please credit the artist in your submission. You cannot submit icons with other people's pre-made bases, however.
11. You may vote once per contest. If I catch you voting from more than one journal....grr. Banned.
12. Please vote for the icons that are made the best, not the character(s) you like the best.
12 1/2. This is not an official rule, but: please, if you join, add the community to your friends list so you know what's going on. I really expect everyone that joins to participate in some way, whether it is making icons or voting on them, whatever.
Rules/times of contest subject to change at mod's discretion.

Regarding submissions:
Every week, on Friday, a mod will post a song, with lyrics. Then, people have until the next Friday afternoon at 3 to make the icons, and submit them to the post that announced the theme by commenting. All comments are screened :). You must use at least three consecutive words from the lyrics unless otherwise indicated. You may enter up to two icons.

Here is what entries should look like:
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As in, entries should include the icon & its URL.

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Every Friday at 3 I will submit a voting post, and the people shall vote! Specifically, by commenting on the voting post with their three favorites, in order from most to least favorite. Voting will take place from Friday at 3 to Sunday at 10pm (EST). Each week, there will be first, second, and third place winners as well as a Mod's choice. The week's first place icon will become the community's icon.

-Past Winners-
Contest 1: 3 Doors Down - "Duck and Run"
Contest 2: The Clarks - "Inside You"
Contest 3: REM - "Losing My Religion"
Contest 4: Lacuna Coil - "Tight Rope"
Contest 5: Audioslave - "Be Yourself"

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Moderator & Banner Maker: swift_epiphany
Banner Maker: sachkii
Banner Maker: elevation

If you would like to become a co-mod or banner maker, please comment on a recent post :)

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If you would like to affiliate, please comment on a recent post :)

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